Soka High School
Soka High School
Soka, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
TEL 048-935-4521
5-3-1 Aoyagi Soka, Saitama, Japan


   This school aims to provide our students with the appropriate guidance counseling required to later enable them to prosper and accomplish their goals. Since 2013, we launched “New Project 5” in order to encourage students to improve their academic ability and discover their dreams. This project consists of five components: academic ability, leadership, international communication, problem solving, and open mindedness. We strive to teach these qualities to students so that they can play an active role in the world and develop the confidence required to conquer the big stage. This is accomplished by promoting international education and understanding.We invite guests from foreign countries, such as Taiwan, to provide our students with opportunities to communicate with people of different backgrounds. We also present students with travel abroad options, and many have gone overseas to countries such as Austria, Guam, and Mexico. This school has a long history and tradition,        Principal
and with this new project, we look forward to future growth.                                                                  KIDA Kazuhiko


・Promoting International Education and Understanding

    Recently, globalization, government, economics, and culture has been rapidly increasing throughout the world. In order to gain success in the future, we believe today's youth should be required to learn about different cultures and global societies. Our school highly values international education, and promotes learning by inviting guests from other schools interact with students. Furthermore we provide our students with many study abroad opportunities and encourage them to study in foreign universities.

・School life

Entrance Ceremony

This ceremony takes place at the beginning of the newschool year, and when new freshmen students enter the school. Each student iscalled up to the front of the stage one at a time by their homeroom teacher. InJapan, the new fiscal year begins in April; therefore, the school’s entrance ceremonytakes place during this time, as well. In this season, the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and the studentswear their new uniforms.  This symbolizesthe beginning of their high school life.

Sports Festival

One day is dedicated to this festival in whichstudents compete in various sport events. Some activities include a short-distance run, relay races, jump rope,and traditional Japanese dances.  Eachhomeroom class receives a score in every division, and afterwards, the classwho receives the most points is declared the winner. The students in eachhomeroom class wear a matching T-shirt in order to encourage teamwork.


Cultural Festival

During this event, students create a variety ofactivities for everyone to enjoy. Special booths are designated to snacks and sweets, fried noodles, andother foods. Students also work to create a haunted house a maze, a playperformance, and a brass band performance. Each classroom is decorated so as to generate a different atmospherewithin the school. Students are free to walk around and explore all thedifferent activities on this day.